Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sling Diaries Volume III, Love & Adventure: What is a Sling Diary?

Ok, so I need to tell you that I am doing this thing called The Sling Diaries.  What are The Sling Diaries?  Well, it is kind of complicated to explain.  Let's see.  I think I should first tell you that there is a company called Sakura Bloom.  They make baby carriers.  The kind of baby carrier they make is called a ring sling.  Here I am, wearing a Sakura Bloom ring sling.  That's an Essential Silk, by the way.  That colorway, Ginger-Champagne is extinct now, sorry.  Try Sandstone-Pebble.

December 2011.  That baby is nearly TWO now.
Every six-ish months or so, Sakura Bloom chooses a certain number of moms (I guess dads can do it too theoretically, but I don't know if a dad ever has, and I'm too lazy to check), and those moms are "Sling Diarists." Approximately once a month for six months, each Sling Diarist has to produce a "Diary Entry."  Each Diary Entry consists of at least five photographs of the Diarist with her baby in a Sakura Bloom sling, as well as some accompanying verbiage.  The photos and the verbiage are to reflect that month's theme.

For this round of the Sling Diaries, the overall theme is Love & Adventure, and the six subthemes are Inspiration, Memory, Joy, Voice, Kinship, and Wisdom.*  This time, there are fourteen - you heard it right, FOURTEEN - Diarists.  This is like a thundering herd of Diarists, dear god.  But there's reason behind the madness here, and the reason is that the group is split in two.  To wit, half of the Diarists are Instagram Diarists, and half are Blog Diarists.  (That explanatory link is for my father, who is an avid reader of me and who I am fairly sure does not know what Instagram is.  Hi, Daddy!)  I am an Instagram Diarist.  This is like really unfortunate for anyone who follows me on Instagram, because holy mother, am I ever gonna clog up your feed.  Sorry.  Please don't unfollow me.  I love you, I'm just doing my job.  If you don't already follow me on Instagram and you want to, please do so.  My name is goodtraveller.  (I have no idea how Instagram works online as opposed to as a mobile app, so I have no idea if that link will actually do anything.  Good luck.)**

The thing is, I'm kind of a wordy person, and I always have a ton of Big Ideas, and Instagram is not necessarily a great format for wordiness and Big Ideas.  So in addition to posting my photos on Instagram with brief explanatory captions as assigned, I will also be creating blog posts for each Diary Entry.  This is called Going Above and Beyond in Your Work, which is something that I never really did as a student.  Like, I never did the extra-credit claymation videos, you know?  Not my style.  But now, as an adult, it suddenly kind of is my style, I guess because it doesn't involve claymation and because I actually really care about it.  I'm now a Going Above and Beyond in My Work kinda girl, and you will witness said Aboveness approximately once a month here in this blog.

So.  That explains the Sling Diaries.  OK?  OK.  Over and out.

*If you are thinking that illustrating each of these themes with five photographs of me with my baby in a sling might be a little difficult, then we are thinking the same thing.  I am kind of peeing my pants in terror over here.  But fear not, dear audience, it will get done, because it must.

**If you're interested in the Sling Diaries in general, as opposed to just MY sling diaries, you can follow on Instagram (@lovesakurabloom), Pinterest (Sakura Bloom), and/or Facebook (The Sling Diaries). 

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