Friday, August 19, 2011

A Conversation

Me: Hey. Are you busy?

My husband: Not especially. I can talk for a few minutes. What's up?

Me: Well, I've been know how we always say that how crazy all of the Jackson kids are is proof that Joe Jackson was abusive?

My husband: Yeah, I guess.

Me: You know, because we're always like, it's impossible that they would ALL end up so fucked up without serious wrongdoing on at least one parent's part, right?

Him: Right.

Me: Well, I was thinking...maybe we're wrong. Maybe it's just genetics.

Him: What do you mean?

Me: Well, Joe Jackson was obviously crazy right?

Him: Yeah, batshit.

Me: Well, so his kids are crazy too. They inherited it. You know, genetics.

Him: Hmmm. I guess so. I mean, it must be a little of both, no?

Me: Yeah, of course. A little column A and a little column B. It's just I had never thought of the genetics angle before.

Him: How did you happen to think of this?

Me: Well, I just overheard someone on the street talking about robins -

Him: Robins?

Me: Yeah, you know, the birds. Robins. So I overheard someone talking about robins, and I thought of the song Rockin' Robin, and then I got to thinking about the Jackson Five, and then Joe see?

Him: Ah, of course. I love you.

Me: I love you too.

Him: You should post this on your blog.

Me: Maybe. It's not so interesting though.

Him: I take it the baby is asleep?

Me: Yeah, he's in the sling. We're walking across to the green train on 125th Street to go to work.

Him: Well, have a good day.

Me: You too. See you tonight.

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