Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Ending, or How Blogging Saved Me $134.99

If you are an regular reader of my blog, you will know that A) disappointingly, I hardly ever post anymore because I have a toddler and a job, which together occupy six days of my week; and B) happily, I posted about three hours ago after yet another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad encounter with Dell Tech Support. The funny thing is, I didn't realize quite how wrong the encounter had gone until I wrote about it and then read what I wrote. "Wow," I thought, reading my own post, "Dell Tech Support broke that poor woman's computer and then tried to sell her some software that they should have given her for free. That's too bad." And then it dawned on me: Dell Tech Support broke my computer! And then tried to make me buy Microsoft Office 2007, which they should have given me for free! What the fuck!?

So, duly fired up, I called Dell Tech Support again, this time fully armed with my Quick Service code. "You broke my computer and then tried to make me buy Microsoft Office 2007, which you should have given me for free," I said. The Tech Support man apologized and understood my frustration and explained about how a technician would be calling me in 3-5 business days to arrange an appointment to come to my house to replace the motherboard. I pointed out how that's how this whole thing started in the first place. He understood my frustration some more and explained that there was nothing more he was authorized to do. I pointed out that it was awfully convenient that there was nothing more he was authorized to do, seeing as doing something to make up for the whole mess would cost Dell money, and seeing as it is actually impossible for a Dell customer to actually reach anyone who is actually authorized to do anything. He understood my frustration some more, and we went around and around in this manner for about half an hour. Finally, in the middle of my talking about how distressing I found the whole situation and how upset I felt that no one could help me, and how unhappy I was with the Dell experience, he cut me off and said he would send me Microsoft Office 2007 for free, and what was my mailing address please.

And thus blogging saved me $134.99, which was the super-special today-only sale price that Dell was trying to make me pay for Microsoft Office 2007.

I considered going to Make My Cake for a red velvet cupcake in celebration, but then realized I did not have the necessary four bucks, so I contented myself with my new favorite snack, the deliciousness of which I discovered accidentally: Raisinets with coarsely ground Celtic Sea Salt. And that, my friends, is my modern life.

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