Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toddlerhood: Tantrum

I don't know how he found out that this is what toddlers are supposed to do, but within the last week or so, the baby has begun to throw tantrums. When I take something really cool away from him, like my cell phone or the lip balm he dipped in the dog's water and now wants to suck on, he throws himself face down on the floor and wails. Luckily, he is only a very little toddler, so these are only very little tantrums. He bores of it after thirty or forty seconds - so quickly that I haven't yet been able to capture it on camera. Abandoning Tantrum Pose, he pushes himself up to his knees, turns his little tearstained face towards me, and lifts his arms to be picked up. Within a few minutes, the incident is forgotten, and he is back to throwing blocks over his shoulder or hitting the dog or pouring juice on the floor or banging the toilet lid down on his hand. As he comes to be a bigger toddler, I imagine that he will come to have bigger tantrums. For now, though, it's just cute, and I can laugh a little when it happens and hug him when it's over. Come to think of it, with some luck and some patience, that's how it will always be.

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