Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Days

Last night, the baby and I sat on the floor eating pomegranate. For awhile, I fed him one little seed at a time, but then, suddenly, he became ravenous for it, and grabbed an entire hunk from my hand. Babbling and waving his arms, he dug his two teeth indiscriminately into seeds, pith, and skin, covering his face with juice and the floor with pomegranate bits. He fell asleep about half an hour after his pomegranate orgy, and I wiped the floor carefully, but it's still a little sticky today.

The baby is always on the move these days, so it's hard to get a non-blurry picture. He wreaks havoc wherever he goes, pulling records, CDs, and books off the shelves, emptying his toy bin, splashing in the dog's water bowl, drumming on the trash cans, thumping on the record player.

In a rambling, mostly-aimless trip to Willilamsburg yesterday, we shared a falafel sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie, got accused of gift-card fraud at American Apparel (true story), and bought new baby boots and a pair of small, wooden maracas. At home, after having the boots put on his feet, he promptly opened a kitchen cabinet, found and uncapped a bottle of canola oil, poured it on the floor, and put his feet in the puddle. As for the maracas, he hit himself in the head with one today and cried himself to sleep. He is still asleep now, and, miraculously, for the first time in two weeks or so, my head is not-spinning enough that I can sit down and write about it.

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