Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday, when I came home from work, I found this on the kitchen counter:

And this in the bedroom:
They (meaning my endless supply of pregnancy and childbirth books) say that when a baby is born, a mother and father are also born. This may be true, but I think it is actually the last few weeks that have seen the rebirth of my husband as a father. I wish more than anything else that I did not have to work for these two months. However, I am starting to realize that this has been a time for my husband and my son to connect in a way that has changed both of their lives, and, though I am occasionally savagely jealous when I see the baby laugh up into my husband's face with a true delight that he seldom shows me, I am actually glad of it.


Sarah said...

So I was googling Worishofer sandals yesterday and one click led to another, and I found myself at your blog! You write beautifully. I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures in motherhood, and I appreciate your honesty (and penchant for list-making!). My husband and I live on the UWS and hope to have a baby within the next year or so. Looking forward to reading more!

PS. I got my Worishofers at Tip Top W. 72nd St. last night!

Traveller said...

Yes, the Worishofers are lovely, despite the overwhelming Williamsburg connotations. I am so glad you are having a baby - it's the most amazing, joyful, exciting things ever! I am an endless, never-shutting-up fount of advice, so email me if you need any!