Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sexy Mama

In discussing how to keep romance alive, sex and relationship experts often suggest to women (and men, too, but really mostly women) that they not get too comfortable around their partners. This means avoiding things like picking your toes or wearing old stretch pants around the house. In the recent issue of Cookie*, for example, some sex expert man speaks out against the sexiness-killing power of flannel nightgowns. I have never heard or read anything, though, about slumping on the floor splay-legged, half-in and half-out of your work clothes, eating pizza while hooked up to the breast pump.

So that must be OK.

*Cookie is this parenting magazine to which I subscribed right after the baby was born, because I thought it seemed fun, and I really liked the review sections at the back. But, after receiving a few issues, I can't recommend it wholeheartedly, because it tends to feature things like toddler-sized Dolce & Gabbana party dresses (really), panic-inducingly upscale houses and apartments, and impeccably groomed celebrities like Christy Turlington and Liv Tyler romping with their impeccably groomed children in a slightly smug manner. Mothering, of course, is the magazine you're supposed to read if you're a (comparatively) wakilana mamma like me, letting your kid run around pantsless during the day and sleeping with him at night. But in all honesty, Mothering is sometimes a wee bit dull and noticeably repetitive. (YES I KNOW to wear my baby and use cloth diapers. GOD!) I actually really love Wonder Time, but I just found out like two minutes ago, while finding the link to put in this post, that it is a production of evil Disney, so now I don't know what to say.

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