Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Food cravings that I had when I was pregnant that I realize are cravings only in hindsight, since at the time they seemed less like cravings and more like perfectly reasonable mild preferences:
1. Rice pudding. (Kozy Shack.)
2. Chocolate pudding. (Kozy Shack.)
3. Yogurt. (YoBaby.)
4. Fruit - all kinds, but most frequently apples and watermelon.
4. Soft-shell crab.
5. Ice cubes.
6. Sweet potatoes.

Food aversions that I had when I was pregnant:
1. Japanese steamed white rice at home. (OK if at a restaurant.)
2. Ethiopian food.
3. Raspberry leaf tea. (Towards the end of my third trimester.)

Food cravings that I had immediately postpartum and that have continued on and off since:
1. Sweet potatoes.
2. Dark chocolate.
3. Spinach pancakes. (Dr. Praeger's frozen; these are like potato pancakes, only with spinach in.)

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