Saturday, May 3, 2008

Never Not Funny: The Upper Breast Side

The formula: Nursing mom enters The Upper Breast Side and discovers new and wonderful things about her breasts, and bra-related hilarity and unbridled consumerism ensue.

My lovely mom friend H sent me this email about her Upper Breast Side experience, and graciously said I could share it:

i went to the upper breast side. apparently i have been wearing the wrong size bra all my life. i though i was a 36b before nursing and now a 36c. um, nope. am apparently a 32d at present. talk about brigitte bardot. hubba hubba! they made me solemnly swear to come back periodically and then go to orchard corset when i am done nursing because "you have to stay on top of these things." i also accidentally bought two boob tops. oopsie.

"You have to stay on top of these things," indeed.

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