Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goodbye to the Chic

On Saturday night, I went out sans baby for the first time in a long time. I wore a cocktail dress and high heels (really!), and I am proud to say that, for the occasion, I managed to pare down enough to fit everything into a Little Purse, so as not to ruin the chic.

We have here lipstick, lip balm, cell phone, wallet, hand cream, powder, and I-pod. This is about as minimalist as I get. I felt really, really, really chic.

Unfortunately, my chic was ultimately compromised by the fact that: 1) the Little Purse - while once new and lovely and a little expensive - is now old and stained with hot chocolate, and 2) I had to lug around my breast pump all night. The pump is wrapped in shiny black nylon with a plastic-buckled nylon web strap, and it efficiently tears down any chic one manages to build up.

I am finally facing the fact that true chic is not for me. Even before the baby was born, I didn't quite have the money to maintain consistent chic, plus my job didn't really foster it (no AC, chalk everywhere, on feet for hours, etc). And now, with the baby, I really really don't have the money for the chic, plus I have to deal with all these chic-destroying things like breast pumps, diapers, and nursing pads. So I am officially giving up. I am not chic. I leave the chic to others with more money and fewer logistical constraints. I am stylish, or hip, or bohemian, or quirky, or interesting, but not chic. And that's the end of that.

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