Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wanna hear a good joke?

I am throwing a bachelorette party weekend for my college friend LC!

[Shot of panic-stricken face]

[Uproarious laugh-track laughter]

This was my living room floor at approximately 3AM Friday:

I picked out all the paper and ribbons at Kate’s Paperie on 57th St. The salesclerk (who, in chinos and a button-down, looked like a cross between Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray) looked at me and said gravely, “This is going to look tremendous.” At the moment of the photo above, it just looked sleepy. No, that was me. I looked sleepy. The wrapping paper looked tremendous. Hrrrmmmmmm…..

[Shot of me nodding off to sleep]

[Uproarious laugh-track laughter]

My to-do list the day before yesterday was as follows:
1) Buy bride and bridesmaids’ gifts.
2) Buy cleanser (Saturday)?
3) Get extra wrapping paper and ribbon?
4) Wrap presents.
5) Plan surprise at hotel – dinner res?
6) Go to Lolli? (Dress for Sat night?)
7) Strapless nursing bra?
8) Vacuum.
9) Re-arrange flowers in house, throwing out the dead ones.
10) Neaten bookshelves.
11) Plan outfits for weekend.
12) FreshDirect breakfast groceries for Sat.


FOREVER22 said...

Your list-making was totally worthwhile; the weekend was perfect-o. Hope you're recovering.

roger said...

I like the way you set up the bachelorette party for your friend LC. That was very cool of you.