Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Sad Day

As you might imagine, I am not particularly good at saving money. The only kind of money I can save is the kind that doesn’t make it into my hot little hands in the first place. So I do things like put zero exemptions on my tax form and have huge chunks of my paycheck put directly into my retirement account. Without such measures, every cent I earn would be converted directly into super-versatile shoes and ultra-useful shoulder bags, all to be cleverly hidden in my closet such that I forget that I even have them. Of all my savings efforts, though, I am most proud of my ING Direct account. I am proud because it took a little doing to set up (unlike my retirement account, which was, to an extent, automatic), and because it doesn’t come directly out of my paycheck – the paycheck hits my bank account first, then a certain amount (automatically) goes into the ING Direct. This means that, technically speaking, I have the money first, then put it in a savings account, which is like what responsible people do. I have had this account for about a year now, and have been really, really, really unreasonably proud of the sadly small amount of money I have accumulated. So it was with great chagrin today that I emptied my ING Direct back into my checking account in order to pay (part of) May rent. My four months of (unpaid! Can you believe it?) leave have now officially decimated every last cent in our coffers. I am so, so sad for my poor empty ING Direct, and I feel sort of helpless and ashamed that a year’s worth of savings doesn’t even cover one month’s rent. “Don’t worry, monkey, it’ll build up again,” my husband said kindly, but for the moment, I am inconsolable, and there is not even any chocolate in the house.

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